Ask These Questions at a Cannabis Shop

When you first step into a dispensary, you’ll be greeted by a staff member (budtender) and stacks of pots on the shelves. While the smile on the budtender’s face is warm and welcoming, the wide collection of marijuana, on the other hand, can overwhelm any customer, especially first-timers.

More importantly, if you’re clueless about what to buy from the store, you need to have an open mind and a list of questions prepared in advance. Knowing what to ask your provider will ensure a smooth consultation session. Plus, in a way, you’ll make it easier for your budtender to guide you through the buying process.

P.S. Take your visit to the dispensary as an opportunity to buy something, as well as educate yourself on marijuana.

Questions To Ask At A Cannabis Shop

Do you have (the cannabis strain you’re looking for)?

If you have a particular strain in mind, then go ahead and ask for it first. If they have it, well and good. However, don’t just stop at that. Try asking more questions about the product – is it for recreational? What’s the THC content? What are its effects like? What is it good for? Perhaps, you’ll learn something you didn’t know!

Now, what if the store doesn’t have your preferred weed? In that case, ask for some alternatives. Discuss with the budtender why you decided to get that particular strain. Perhaps it helps you sleep better.

Regardless, the budtender can help you find other great cannabis strains that’ll help you achieve the same effects as you hoped for, if not better!

What’s fresh today?

If you don’t have a particular cannabis product in mind, you can simply ask for the latest batch of cannabis products. Trust us; you don’t want to smoke a pot that’s been sitting on the shelf for too long. Moreover, fresh cannabis will taste and smell better. Not to mention, they’re stronger in potency and overall quality.

What are the best strains for recreational use?

Ever since the legalization of recreational cannabis, there has been an influx of different kinds of strains in the market. While this opens a world of choices for 420-lovers, things tend to get pretty overwhelming when it comes to choosing one amongst thousands. But don’t worry! This is where a good budtender swoops right in to help you decide.

What strains are currently popular in the cannabis industry?

Don’t have a specific strain preference? Why not try out what other ‘cannaisseurs’ are loving!

Ask the budtender what’s currently on-trend, the best sellers, or pots that sell out quickly. Discuss more on why other customers love those strains. And if you find a product that suits the effects your want, then go for it!

How do I use the product? Are there any side effects or precautions?

Your choices aren’t limited to just flowers at a dispensary. Think tinctures, edibles, oils, topical creams, and other cannabis products! Explore them and ask for the budtender’s recommendations as well.

Make the most out of your consultation session by learning more about a cannabis product you’re interested in.

How can you use it? What are its advantages against other products? Is it suitable for newbies? Are there any side effects? If yes, how do you manage them? Discuss anything and everything you want until all your doubts are cleared.

What cannabis products do you have under $100?

Save your as well as the budtender’s time by making your budget clear from the get-go! Plus, it’ll also save your budtender from the trouble of unloading stacks of pots from the shelves only to find out it was way too expensive for you.

Final Thought:

Remember, budtenders are there to help you choose the right product for your needs. So, never hesitate to ask as many questions as you’d like, provided they’re relevant.

Asking the questions mentioned above will ensure you have a positive experience at the cannabis shop. Also, you’ll be able to find the products that best meet your needs without any hassle at the cannabis shop. Full Sesh is happy to answer all your questions. Speak with one of our representatives today!