Beginners Guide to Cannabis

Almost everywhere in Canada people are using cannabis. Canadian citizens are beginning a brand new era in marijuana that will allow for a heightened understanding of what is happening. There’s an ever-increasing amount of data regarding cannabis available to the masses. Every day the news of the legalization of cannabis arrives. This guide helps beginners learn about the benefits of cannabis in an exciting new world.

What Does It Feel Like to be High on Weed?

Unlike other compounds in a cannabis plant, THC can cause relaxation and a euphoric feeling in some people. The effect of THC on human health is investigated in a human body by studying the anandamide, the similar cannabinoid produced in the body called bliss compounds.

Cannabis users may consume as a means of expressing their creative ideas as they don’t worry about distractions in life. Cannabis also has the ability to induce negative emotions and affect mood by causing paranoia, anxiety, and other negative thoughts. Everyone can have their own experience when it comes to indulging in cannabis. There are many things involved with how cannabis affects your lifestyle. Everyone may have their own cannabis journey.

Letting Go of Stigma

The legalization of marijuana is already on the books. It is important to treat marijuana with respect, responsibility, and euphoric thoughts. Years of propaganda have made many believe marijuana is harmful. There can even be a stigma behind cannabis edibles, cannabis extract, or cannabis-infused products. As the user, you have to make your own decisions.

Start slowly and with low dosages

Cannabis is of different pharmacological qualities, therefore check the total THC percentages of flowers and the THC mg in edibles. Don’t be afraid to ask about high concentrations of the levels in different strains. Consumption of excessive amounts of cannabis may cause confusion, anxiety or other unwanted feelings. Give yourself time to absorb the effects of marijuana, especially when consuming edible products. Some products can have energizing effects while others can have you calm and relaxed. Waiting allows you to achieve the desired effects.

Store cannabis out of reach of children and animals

Make sure you keep all forms of cannabis flowers away from children or dogs. Find the best case to keep the accessories and products that have locks and smell-proof filters in it. It can be helpful in the avoidance of unwanted consequences.

Choose a comfortable, familiar setting for consumption

When testing cannabis be sure to have a safe place where you can be comfortable and secure if you have any problems with the product or take too much. Even if you become familiar with marijuana, some products may affect you differently than others.

Consult with dispensary employees (Budtenders) on different options and products for your needs

All those selling or buying cannabis products at licensed dispensaries can learn the different options presented. Budtenders can help you determine what cannabis products are right for you because not all cannabis is the same.

Cannabis Vocabulary

For the greatest experience with cannabis, it is necessary to know the name and terminology of the equipment in the cannabis industry. We’ll show you the most commonly cited cannabis terms, which have been categorized.


Cannabinoids are a chemical compound found in a cannabis plant. The more common compound known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) & although cannabis has dozens of other cannabinoids. These chemical compounds work in conjunction with endocannabinoid systems, producing many different effects.

Butane Hash Oil

Butane Hash Oil (BHO – a cannabis concentrate) is a concentrated extract from marijuana using butane. Aside from being a dangerous extraction procedure, this procedure should only be performed by a chemist.


Budtenders are salespeople and clerks of cannabis shops. It’s the person you’re likely to contact while buying cannabis.


Bubblers are glass pieces used to consume cannabis which are water filtered to produce bubbles after usage. The piece is usually bigger than hand pipe but smaller than tubular bongs.

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash contains a concentration of marijuana consisting of thousands of trichomes. The extraction is performed in solventless fashion by stirring cannabis plants in ice water.

Broad Leaf Varieties

Cannabis varieties are formerly called broad leaves (BLV) as Indica. This species has short stalks and bushy bodies forming a broad leaf. BLVs usually have relaxation effects.


The concentrate is extracted from marijuana with high levels of cannabinoids and comes in different forms. Concentrates can contain hashes, shatterings, waxes, rosins or live resin.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp varieties are cannabinoids and can also be termed CBD.

Beginner’s Guide #1 Tip

The takeaway from this beginner’s guide to cannabis is to have an entry-level explanation of the world of cannabis and to offer a few tips. We have talked about the effects of cannabis plant material to the definitions that can help you navigate the industry. The best tip we can ensure you understand is to take the process slow whether you are smoking cannabis or ingesting edibles or anything else to do with cannabis. Whether it’s for medical reasons or recreational use, be safe.

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