Choosing an Online Dispensary in Canada

Ever since its legalization for recreational purposes in October 2018, the cannabis industry has been booming in Canada. This means that increasingly more dispensaries are popping up both at street corners, and in the online space.

Taking the recent pandemic into consideration, it is safe to say that consumers’ behaviors changed significantly from what the market – any market – knew before. There has been an undoubted migration to the digital space, and the trend is here to stay. For good reason too.

Who doesn’t love a little online shopping? Browsing from the comfort of your couch, without any pressure, without the feeling that you’re taking too much space, or too long, or maybe you’re too picky… There are plenty of reasons why it’s better to shop online. And that includes shopping for cannabis too.

The first question to clear up is whether buying weed online is legal. Yes, it is! But that does mean you should be mindful of what dispensary you pick. An online weed dispensary is a digital store that offers a wide range of cannabis products from buds, to edibles, tinctures, beverages, concentrates, topicals, and various accessories.


There are so many factors fitting under the umbrella of convenience – from being able to take your time and really get all the facts in order about the products on offer, to reading up on reviews from other customers. There’s you and all the open tabs, and you cannot be holding any queue back because you’re undecided. Time is on your side. Plus, some places even offer same day delivery.


Mindset is probably one of the hardest things to change about a person – and you don’t need to do that when buying your cannabis products. In some places, there is still some stigma attached to weed. And that is why shopping online can be a good solution for you.

Ordering weed online and having it delivered to your door in discreet packaging is a perk that comes with ordering your cannabis online – is it soap, is it berries, is it weed? Nobody will know.

Special Offers

When shopping online, you can always keep an eye on special offers on your favorite strains and products.

There are always items with the price dropped, discounts on bulk buys, and that does not mean it’s of any lesser quality – just yesterday’s top-shelf weed (plus, if you’re looking at buds, they can get better in time – provided they’re kept in proper conditions).

So getting your weed online can be more pocket friendly and you might be in for a tastier experience.

Now that we explored some reasons why you should consider purchasing cannabis online, there are a few things useful to know when picking your online dispensary.

The internet can still be a wild space so it’s good to know what are the reliability signs when ordering your product.

High Quality

As a rule of thumb it’s better to opt for the lab-tested and approved products to ensure you get the best possible option, and the specs you read about really reflect the contents of the product you’re getting.

A Wide Variety

When your online dispensary offers more than just buds – other items such as edibles, extracts, vapes, beverages or even topicals, not to mention various accessories – it is usually an encouraging sign.


Word of mouth never disappoints, and this is the case as well. Look for reviews of the online dispensary to understand what the experience of other customers was (and most likely what yours will be as well).

Another tip is to look at the online presence of the dispensary beyond its website – try Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn. You can learn a lot by looking at how the brand engages with their community.

Refund policy

It’s important that the dispensary of your choice has friendly refund policies so that in case you get the wrong product, you can easily make the swap.


While the Cannabis Act ensured the legality of cannabis all across the country, there are still some differences in how each province regulates the sale of weed.

For instance, in most provinces you need to be at least 19 years old to be purchasing cannabis products, but in Quebec, the legal age is 21 years old.

The retail rights also differ from province to province – in some it is only government-owned subsidiaries that operate the sales (like New Brunswick). In other provinces, private retailers are granted licenses – such as Ontario, where there are more than 1000 licensed cannabis stores.

While there are risks to buying weed online such as not receiving the product you paid for, there are ways to mitigate these risks by doing your due diligence and choosing well-reputed dispensaries. Ultimately you are in for a friendly and pressureless user experience when shopping for cannabis online. It is not difficult, nor overwhelming, and you can get started today!

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