Choosing the Best Cannabis Product for You

What’s Sativa? Will an edible get me higher? What is CBD? How do I roll up this bud – maybe it’s better to go for the pre-roll… There are countless questions that may arise once you take the step and enter the wonderland of the cannabis industry. With its legalization, things are not what they used to be: While in the last quarter of 2018, in Alberta, there were 120 stock-keeping units, in the third quarter of 2021, there were 1515. That than a ten-fold increase in places stocking cannabis products, that ultimately consumers have to choose from.

While retailers do the first round of sorting through what cannabis products to include in their selection, it can still be daunting for the consumer to pick what is best for them. And with the rapid pace at which the market evolves it may prove to be impossible to try a bit of everything.

So get rid of your FOMO (fear of missing out) and follow these tips on how to pick the cannabis product that will suit you best without testing out the entire range of options.

Why Are You Looking To Consume Cannabis?

This is the moment when you get real with yourself. Is it medical, recreational, or spiritual reasons? Depending on your answer the best choice of product for you will vary, both on form, intensity (such as concentration of THC), or chemical composition altogether (for instance, no THC at all).

This is a great starting point because you should know from the beginning what your options are before going down the deep end of choice.


What Are You Looking For In Cannabis?

Think about the end result, of how you would like to feel after consuming cannabis. Do you want to get focused, energetic, or chatty? Or you prefer a mellow state, a relaxation both for body and mind, a better sleep perhaps… There are three notions you need to remember here: indica, sativa, and the hybrids – each have a different effect on the body.

There are questions you have to ask yourself – for instance whether you mind getting the munchies (because yes, that is not a myth). Then you might consider how strong a buzz you prefer, and accordingly look at the concentration of THC in your product.

Does Form Matter?

You don’t need to be a smoker to consume weed, especially nowadays. And you certainly don’t need to “learn” to smoke just for weed. Gone are those days! Today you can experience the cannabis plant in so many shapes and forms that you don’t need to adjust your lifestyle to incorporate it. You can find cannabis in the right form for you.

There are countless options out there. Take for instance waxes – which is a type of soft, opaque, matte cannabis oil made from extracted oils of the plant; or shatter – a solid and translucent extract reminiscent of shattered glass. There is also the more traditional hash – a technique hundreds of years old where the resin (the trichomes) are compressed into solid chunks. Kief on the other hand is just the resulting resin from the plant, coming in a powdered form. And these are just the concentrates options… not to mention the edibles, vapes, and all the options that come with the dedicated accessories.

Don’t be shy and talk to your budtender about how you can best include cannabis in your lifestyle. If you have a preference, there is certainly an option for it.

What Smells Do You Enjoy?

There is an old as time preconception about weed that it stinks. That is not the case for all however. In fact, thanks to terpenes, there is a myriad of aromas that the cannabis flower can have. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that offer the cannabis plant its specific smell: from piney or peppery tendencies, to citric and fruity notes.

Although more studies are needed in this direction, in theory different terpenes have different impacts on how one experiences the cannabis flower.

Final Thoughts

Your experience with weed should be fun, it should be an exploration of yourself and the complex cannabis plant. What you have to keep in mind at all times, even if you don’t have the definitive answers for the questions above, is that you should never shy away from asking questions. Nobody grew up knowing it all and it’s never too late to try something new.

The best course of action at this point is to take the process step by step. Start small, experimenting with flavors, concentrations, forms and effects it will have on your body. Everyone is different and only you can be the judge of what is best for yourself. You can start exploring today with the FullSesh selection of carefully grown plants, created for a complex experience!