The Many Shapes of Weed Stores

In a market where competition is fierce, business owners will get really creative in differentiating themselves from the competition. That is great news for consumers, who have a wide array of options to choose from. Not all weed stores are the same, and in this article we will share with you some of our tips to find those stores that are guaranteed to make your experience so pleasant that you will come back for more.

There is a feeling that the market is saturated at this point (in Ontario alone there are more than 1,000 shops), and that can only mean that new competitors need to become better, offer more valuable experiences and insights, more exciting products on offer and to overall improve the customer experience.

Looks Beyond Aesthetics

The first thing to be mindful of is the overall care of the shop you are entering. A clean and well-kept place is easy to spot without being a pro in the cannabis space. Beyond that, the overall aesthetics can greatly influence the vibe of the place. Luckily, there is no right or wrong here – or rather there is, but it’s not that clear-cut. So go with what you feel best!

Staff and Atmosphere

The staff of any store you walk into can greatly influence your purchasing experience. Your ideal budtender should be able to guide you through all the choices the store has to offer without overwhelming you, or making you feel like you don’t belong there.

There is something that weed can offer to each of us, and all you need to do is find the perfect formula for you. If you are new to this world, the journey can be quite long, but it can also be fun and exciting. A big role in influencing that journey is played by the budtenders (more so than nice art on the walls). Be mindful if the staff passes your vibe check, and don’t try to open doors that refuse to open. The choice is yours.

The Selection Available

The offer of flower products is the basic starting point of determining the quality of the weed store you walked into. There should be something for all tastes – not only to serve all customers but to accommodate all the different moods we may experience throughout the day.

Plus, offering multiple manners of consuming the product, from vaping, pre-rolls, to tinctures or edibles, definitely brings a plus on the value front.

The Quality of Cannabis

This may be a tricky point to establish, especially if you are not that well seasoned in assessing buds. But that is no crime. In fact, this is one of the reasons why it’s best to establish a healthy rapport with your budtender.

There are a few aspects that can influence the quality of the flower from its growth stage. From the micronutrients that are fed to plants to the air quality, the types of pots, and not using synthetic fertilizers, the final product can greatly vary in size, taste or intensity. These are all questions that you can ask your budtender.

While ultimately there is no way you could in fact check what you are being told, that is where the importance of picking a lab-tested product resides. Do pay attention to what the labels say, because that is where you may get a hunch of how much effort was put into your product.

Location and Delivery

Even the smallest details can play a role in determining the best weed store for you, and location is no small consideration. In fact, this may determine what sort of customers the location attracts, and ultimately what sort of product you are likely to find on display. A lot of stores even offer the option to buy cannabis online. The opening hours can also show consideration to the customers, offering as many people as possible the opportunity to swing by for their favorite cannabis products.

Nowadays there are dispensaries offering even (same-day) delivery. This is an amazing deal if you are not that undecided, or don’t need a short documentary every time you are out buying cannabis.

Some of the most successful dispensaries out there are community centered. That means that they respond to the direct needs of a community. This is in itself an amazing thing to find – knowing that there are stores that look at their customers as real people with needs and desires, and not only money-making opportunities.

You may consider yourself lucky if you can find such a store! Check out Full Sesh for all your cannabis needs.