Types of Cannabis Products

The cannabis plant is a versatile plant that can be used in a variety of ways. From flowering plants, cannabis oils, topicals as well as various cannabis extracts, the product selection is endless for cannabis. Companies are also getting more and more creative when it comes to cannabis products.

Making a choice when there are only 2 items in a listing is easy, although this isn’t the case for cannabis products. You could become overwhelmed by a lot of possibilities. We have created this article so you can become more informed about cannabis products. We can’t list every product on the market like cannabis-infused beverages or cannabis chocolate bars as this article would be too long, but here are the main products you can get from dispensaries.

Types of Weed Products and What They Do

Various kinds of weed products work with different functions. The cannabis flower and hemp oil can also be found in cannabis topical and edible products for a wide variety of purposes. Your choice of cannabis product will depend greatly upon the reason you want to use weed. Below are some of the different forms of marijuana products as well as their exact purpose for them.

Cannabis flowers

Cannabis flowers are among the hottest cannabis products. The product is versatile and has an easy-to-use technique. One of the more popular methods of using is to smoke cannabis flowers either through pre rolls or by rolling one yourself. Cannabis flowers are also known as buds or seeds as they contain smolders of cannabis. Most people prefer using cannabis flowers because they have a relatively quick effect. Inhaling bud effects can typically be felt within several seconds. The effects usually disappear within one to three hours of smoking, not lasting longer.

Weed oil

Weed oil is obtained through the extraction of cannabinoids and combining it with carrier oils such as hemp seed oil or cocoa oil. When using weed oil, cannabinoids separate from the vegetation leaving only 100% weed-derived extracts. Cannabis oil can easily be used as a sativa product. They also include a dropper which allows you to measure dosage quickly. Simply apply an inch under the tongue.

Cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles can be made in various forms, like gummy cakes, chocolate and candy. This product is consumed, digested, and waiting for effects to start taking its course. It is generally more effective for edible use than cannabis oils and cannabis flowers.

Cannabis topicals

Cannabis topical is a product applied to specific body areas. All kinds of skincare products are included here! Some arthritis patients may commonly take a topical dose of cannabis to alleviate pain and for other therapeutic effects. In particular, cannabis topical drugs focus and work within your application areas. There are lots of topical products to discover.

Cannabis isolates

Cannabis isolates are pure marijuana plant that has not been incorporated. This isolate has the best purity due to the separation of the components found in cannabis plants from the other substances contained in marijuana. It is the perfect option for people who are trying to reduce their dose of THC content. Nevertheless, be careful that the isolates do not permit this entourage effect since they contain no compound for cannabinoids isolated from other cannabinoids. Hence, you will likely still get powerful effects, but not as comprehensive as full-spectrum cannabis extracts offer.

Cannabis Products on the Rise

Cannabis has seen an additional 7,000 products hit stores last year – an increase compared with the year prior. For a novice marijuana consumer, the various product types can be confusing. We hope this article informs you about the other methods for cannabis. There has been an increase in certain cannabis products. Of course, cannabis flowers will always be the most popular but you may be surprised by the other products. Here are two cannabis products that are currently on the rise.


Topicals are non-psychoactive products such as lotion, balm or oil. This product is popular because of its health properties which can reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort in people. The marketplace has remained relatively modest, reaching $200m in value. The topical market has also attracted people with little experience with psychotropics and is particularly popular among elderly people and pet owners. Cannabis topicals have continued to rise.

Cartridges, concentrates and extracts

Currently, marijuana concentrate has been booming and has dominated the market for some time. This is available as a raw concentrate cartridge or extract. The process of producing these is to obliterate the impureness of plant materials leaving only desired compounds. This very high concentrated cannabis has an overall high of 80-90% THC compared to the 10-20% concentrations most common on dry plant flowers. Raw concentrate revenues would reach $2.1 billion by 2023.

Deciding on Cannabis Product

The marijuana product market is crowded with many types. When you start using cannabis, the options are sometimes overwhelming, even if you’re not a beginner. The cannabis plant is a versatile plant with many options of being used. Whether you’re using cannabis extract, cannabis flowers, cannabis oils, cannabis concentrates, or any other products it’s always important to do your research and start slow.

To gain more information you can always visit your local dispensary or speak with an online dispensary. There are lots of products on the market right now, so you can take your time and pick the cannabis products that you would like the best. Everyone is going to use cannabis for their own different reasons.

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