What Cannabis Products Are Right For You?

When it comes to cannabis, knowledge is power. With so many products on the market, as well as different types of cannabis and its strains, it can be overwhelming when first getting started. However, that’s not a bad thing! How else would you know what your preferences are? And how will you know which product is right for you? There are so many ways to consume cannabis; smoking, vaping, edibles, oils…the list goes on! In this article, we’ll break down some of the most common cannabis products and what they offer. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Cannabis? What are the Different Types?

The word cannabis is a blanket term used to describe the plant. It’s also known as marijuana. While these two plants are related, they are very different in terms of their biological makeup. Cannabis products are derived from the flowers of the cannabis plant. There are three types of cannabis plants: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Each type of plant has its own unique chemical makeup and effects on the body. It is important to select a product that is right for your needs.

Sativa – Sativa strains are known for their focus-inducing and energizing effects. They are commonly used for medicinal purposes for its uplifting effects, such as treating fatigue. Sativa strains have a higher THC (psychoactive compound) content compared to Indica.

Indica – Indica strains are known for their relaxing and sometimes sedative effects. They are commonly used for medicinal purposes for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Indica strains have a higher CBD content compared to Sativa.

HybridHybrid strains are a combination of both Sativa and Indica strains. Hybrid strains commonly provide a balance of the effects that Sativa and Indica bring to the table.

Dry flower/Flower

Dry flower is the most common cannabis product. Also referred to as bud or flower, dry flower is made up of the cured flowers of the cannabis plant. Flower is the best starting product for first-time users. It is a simple way to consume cannabis and is easy to dose. There are many types of flowers on the market, including indicas, sativas, hybrids, and CBD strains. Each flower product has its own unique effects and dosage requirements.


There are many types of edible products out there. From gummies to chocolate bars, you can find edibles with almost any flavour. Edibles are a slow-acting form of cannabis; therefore, it is important to remember that it will take at least one hour for the effects to hit. Edibles are a great way to consume cannabis for beginners. They are easy to dose and you can slowly observe how the effects of the edible are impacting your body.


Tinctures are a liquid form of cannabis. They are common and easy to find, making them a great product for beginners who are new to cannabis. There are many types of tinctures, including indica, sativa, CBD, and hybrid. Tinctures are typically used to treat conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Many of the tinctures on the market also offer added benefits like vitamins or minerals. Tinctures are easily consumed; you can put them under your tongue or in your water. It is also easy to adjust the dosage of the tincture. All you need to do is add more water to the tincture. Tinctures are best applied under the tongue. This will allow for quick absorption of the THC and CBD.

Vape Pen

Vape pens are a portable way to consume cannabis. They are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Vape pens are a great product for those who want to consume cannabis but may not have time to smoke a joint. Vape pens are made from different materials. Some vape pens are made from a ceramic material, while others are made from a glass or even plastic. The material used for vape pens effects the overall flavour and experience of the pen. Vape pens are easy to dose and come in various flavours and THC or CBD levels.


Topicals are cannabis products that are applied to the skin. They are commonly used to treat conditions like joint pain, muscle aches, and headaches. Topicals use the chemical compound found in cannabis, CBD, to deliver relief. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis that does not make you feel high. It is important to properly source your CBD if you are using it to treat a condition. So make sure to look for products that state they contain CBD from cannabis.


Choosing the right cannabis product is important. Each product offers different benefits and has a different intensity level. Cannabis is a natural product with many benefits that can bring relief to many people. It is important to properly understand the product you are consuming. Knowing the type of flower, the THC and CBD levels, and the benefits of each product is crucial to finding the right cannabis product for you. Full Sesh has a great selection of products. Contact us today to get started.